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Spring is slowly but surely starting to set in. I know many of you are tired of this long and cold winter that we have experienced this year. With Spring now approaching its time to start preparing for a few things.

First off, spring cleanups are starting. What this entails is removing all the debris from the winter off your lawn. This includes and leaves that may have fallen late last year that now need to be removed or it will cause problems in that area for the grass to grow. Also any sticks that have blown down from this windy winter. Sticks in your lawn can cause problems when it comes time to mow. They can get caught up in the lawn mowers and cause problems. If you have a gravel driveway there may be gravel, stones or dirt that has made its way onto your lawn from all the plowing this winter. That all needs the be removed in order for grass to properly grow in those areas.

Secondly, soon it will be time to start planting your gardens. Have you put any thought into what you want in your gardens this year? Do you want plants that will grow back each year or do you want to be able to plant different plants each year? Are you planting a vegetable garden? Now is the time to start planning that. What do you want to grow and how much of it do you want to grow?

If you want to have a spring cleanup done to get your lawn all ready for the grass to begin growing give us a call and we can come take care of that, (518)398-6015. We can also help you plan out your flower and/or vegetable gardens for the year. We can also help you plant the gardens and maintain them. Lastly we do offer lawn mowing! If you give us a call we can give you a free estimate on any service that you would like to be provided. (518)398-6015

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